Sunday, August 01, 2010


Trying to sort through over 300 pictures is a time consuming process!  I would love to tell all the fun stories of these pictures, but that would be a little much.  So, I will share the pics and you just tell yourself a really cute and funny story that goes along with it.

I couldn't pass up another makeover picture

More fun friends:  (these suckers are EVERYWHERE)

Part of the hayfield in front of our house

And after it is all ready to go, we like to refer to this as bales of money!!

Beautiful blue sky again

Sometimes us country folk actually do play in the rain WITH clothes on

Brynn: 5 years old and READY to go to Kindergarten at Early Primary.  She wants a Hello Kitty backpack and lunch box (please let me know if you see one somewhere because I have yet to find one).

Sadie: 3 years old (4 on August 20) and not too sure about starting Preschool at Victory Life Academy.  She wants a Cars Thomas the Train Hello Kitty backpack......really she doesn't give a rip about the backpack-she would rather just play outside.

I hope that is enough randomness for ya!  I am going to go enjoy a lazy Sunday now!