Monday, August 02, 2010

Kleenex please!

I am finally on the homestretch of going through all the pictures.  Whew.....

It hit me yesterday that Brynn will be starting Kindergarten soon.  I still can vividly remember my first day of school and how I was so happy to wear my new dress and get my picture taken.  These days with Brynn make me wonder if these will be days she remembers thirty years from now.  

If not, I will happily remind her of how wonderful she makes my life.  

I pray that she walks into school on that first day and feels like she is "Queen of the World!"  Kids are mean and I pray that she feels secure and strong in who she is as a child of God.  She is perfect in his sight (and mine) and I hope she always has the confidence of a princess.

Okay, now that I have officially made myself cry....we will move on to other subjects.  Yes, I will probably digress back to my "first day of school emotional breakdown" for the next few weeks, so just bear with me people!!

Onto our friends out here.  These are the blasted turkeys that I referred to on Facebook.  They were blocking the road on my first day at the store and I couldn't get them to move!!  I saw them every morning for about a month and so I think of them as friends...not Thanksgiving.

And I don't think of deer meat at all when I think of these cuties!!

We were riding on the gator when we saw a little fawn and Justin said,
 "Look Brynn!  A baby deer!"  
Brynn says, "Is he still alive"
Dad: "Yes"
Brynn: "Then shoot him daddy!!"


They grow up way too fast!!