Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Always, Sometimes, Never

I stole this from Kristin's blog and thought it was a pretty cute idea!

read TMZ each day to catch up on the celebrity gossip (don't judge!)
listen to Kidd Kraddick in the morning....I am addicted to them!
open all of the blinds/curtains if I am home....I love a bright house
sleep with two for my head and one to hold against my chest
bite my nails....always have and always will.  I cannot quit!!! I wish I had pretty hands!

act like I don't see people in stores because I don't feel like talking .....rude I know
floss my teeth....I used to be so good about doing it everyday but I have slacked off...gross I know
wish I had another baby...but then my children act like demons and I quickly snap back to reality
eat breakfast....maybe once a week.  Other than that I just wait until lunch
drive the 15 miles home in radio...nothing.  I enjoy the thinking time.

sleep on my back....who can do that?!?!  ugh..
drink coffee....I can't even stand the smell of it
get pedicures...I think I have had one maybe two in my entire life
sleep through the entire night....I wake up several times and lay there and think
miss a season of Real World/Road Rules challenge on MTV.....yes I realize I am 30