Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm baaaack

Welcome to 2010 Leach Family!!  

We FINALLY have internet!  After two months of trying to read blogs on my iPhone, Justin finally gave in to my begging.  We had to get satellite internet, which actually hasn't been that bad.  It's pretty fast and hey-it's better than nothing.  

Quick update on us:  The store is doing much better.  When we took over most all of the employees were new and so there was A LOT of training that had to take place.  The store also had dozens of MUCH needed repairs.  We tackled the training issue by hauling the kids of to grandparents and Justin and I tag teaming the issues.  It is such a blessing to have Justin working side-by-side with me.  We didn't think it would work because we are both so hard-headed but it has been great.  We understand each other's stresses and frustrations and it helps to have someone on your side.  We also hired a trainer from San Angelo to come down for a couple of weeks and really help us on all of the issues.  The repairs have been an ongoing issue so corporate has decided to send a general contractor in to access the problems and work up a bid on fixing everything!  That was a HUGE blessing.  All in all things are settling down and we are finally getting to relax a little and enjoy everything!  

The house is going great and I am actually enjoying living in the country (aside from the whole internet issue).  I mean it's 9:18 and Brynn JUST woke up and Sadie and still asleep.  Yeah, quiet country life has its perks!!!  The girls have played outside more in the last two months then they have their entire life!!

I won't go too crazy on the pictures just yet (I did have 328 on my camera) so I will share in little spurts.

We have some friends out here 

That part I'm not a big fan of, but I will share other pictures of other friends later that are much nicer.

I have enjoyed this summer so much, just spending time with the girls.  They got some makeup from Ginny Pearl and gave each other little makeovers.

Also, we have been in the hay business lately.  The girls think that is pretty cool to watch!!

Well, sometimes.....

I really do think the sky is bluer out here....(this is straight out of the photoshop).  I wish there was some way to capture the brightness of the stars out here....

All in all .....we are alive and well and are truly blessed.

I mean....what kid doesn't like to play in the rain naked?!?'s good to be back! It's 9:43 and I 'm going to go wake up Sadie now!

Friday, July 09, 2010


I am alive...I promise!  The only problem is we live in the middle of nowhere and it is hard to swallow paying $80.00 a month for satellite internet.  I hope to resolve the situation soon (if I can convince my hubby that it is very necessary!!)

The store is doing great and I really am enjoying the town.  Hope to talk to you all soon!