Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I am in Colorado now working at the Grand Opening and we got TONS of snow today, something I am very unfamiliar with in Texas!
At Chick-fil-A Grand Openings, people camp out because the first 100 get free CFA for a year. I thought this wouldn't happen with the weather being so awful, but NOOOOOO there are a lot of crazy people camping out!! Isn't that nuts!!!!
Some of the campers decided to build an igloo for fun

Others just stayed in their tents to keep warm

And then the best part of the trip happened......the girls sent me a picture tonight!!
(Sadie doesn't like pictures)

I am having a blast, working hard, but mostly missing my babies!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Some pictures

Happy Halloween!!!
The girls made a paper chain today and each night I am gone they are going to tear a link off to count down the days. As Brynn said, "Mom, 28 sleeps is FOREVER!!"

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Six Flags

We took the kids to Six Flags this weekend along with Justin's parents! It was so fun and it sure did bring back a lot of childhood memories for me. It's crazy how some things are still the same twenty years later!

Here are the girls getting ready to go in the park:

Since it was their Halloween time, they had a trick or treat area set up with all the characters. The girls loved this part!!

The teacups were a big hit!

Overall, it was a great day and it was good to get away and spend time as a family.

I will be leaving Sunday for Colorado and won't be back until Thanksgiving. I doubt there will be any blogging time so ADIOS!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm back......and then gone again......

I am absolutely loving the cool, calming weather that we are having right now! I guess I should start getting accustom to it since I will be in some COLD weather soon! (Cold for us Texans that is)

I am going to be heading up to Colorado for a MONTH to work, so please pray for Justin and the girls. The girls are old enough for it to really upset them, but not old enough to understand time. I am sure that they will be fine but I am a mom and I's my job.

There are two stores opening up in Colorado and I will be up there training new employees and enojoying in all of the Grand Opening festivities. I am excited, nervous, scared, and VERY emotional!

I won't be leaving until the 25th so we decided to take the girls to Six Flags this coming up weekend for a fun family day. So, please say a prayer for all of us in this situation.....we're gonna need it!!