Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Snitch

Brynn and her friend were in the back seat of the van when I overheard this conversation:

Friend: There was a big storm and it took away all the 'lectricity and there were no red lights

Brynn: There were no red lights! What is 'lectricity?

Friend: It's what makes the lights red so my mommy will know to stop at them.

Brynn: My mommy doesn't stop when the lights are red.....we just go faster!

Thanks Brynn!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Randomness......

Everytime I blog, I always make myself believe that I will start doing better about posting but then life happens and it is a week (or two) before I am back. I'd like to say it is going to change......but.......well.......we'll see.
We have had a tough time with Sadie not wanting to go to bed at night. After tons of spankings, yelling matches, etc one night we walked into her room a couple of hours later to the light on and she was asleep in the floor. What a honory child!!

Since it is July 15....I thought I would post about our July 4 weekend! We went to Justin's parents house and had a blast visiting with everyone. My wonderful mother-in-law decided to get the girls a slip-n-slide. I thought it was a fabulous idea so off we go to the store to get this "oh they are going to love it so much" toy! Let's just say my kids TOTALLY did not grasp the concept. They would run and then just sit down on it!! It was so funny to watch, but then we just sent the guys to go buy them a pool. Sadie was only impressed with the water spraying out.

Later that night we went to Stephenville to watch the fireworks. They really do put on an amazing show!!! The girls thought it was pretty neat.

Overall, it was a relaxing weekend with lots of good family time!!

And here is a random picture of Justin and myself.....ain't he a cutie!

And since I love to share good deals....apparently Arbys is having freebie Wednesdays until August. Go here for more details
And by the way....that is a fabulous website for those of you who use coupons or like free stuff!! It is:
You can thank me later!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Here is a picture of the girls on Father's Day
Although the pictures session went more like this

Papa bought Brynn press on nails. Don't ask me......

Our friends are having a wedding next month and this last weekend they had a couples shower. Here is the whole group!

How is that for a wordless update on us!