Monday, January 26, 2009

Brian Regan

We went to Brian Regan last Friday night and had a blast!! It was a wonderful date night and we laughed the entire time. I highly recommend watching his stuff, you will not be disappointed!

We were on the 6th row front and center. Great show!!

We are gearing up for our yearly ski trip! I will give all the details soon!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blah Thursday

Today has been rather uneventful. We have a lot going on this weekend so I have been busy getting all of the laundry caught up. Tomorrow night we are going to see Brian Regan!!! I am so pumped and excited. I got Justin the tickets for Christmas and we have never been to a live comedy show like this.

As Justin and I talk about various states that we may be moving to, I just can't help but know that I am going to miss the beautiful Texas weather. I mean, where else is it 80 degrees in January? Dang it is nice outside!!

The girls are great. No fun stories yet today but the day is still early. Here is a picture of Sadie that I took this morning while she was asking for me to make sausage and pancakes for breakfast. Pretty convincing, isn't it?!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The towel adventure

We are over the sickness but it's effects are SO annoying!! While she was sick, Sadie threw up a few times and I held a hand towel for her to throw up in (it always seemed to happen while we were in the kitchen or bathroom)........anyways

Anytime she knew she was going to get sick she would ask for her "wash-wag". So, now one week later she must have the washrag with her at ALL times just in case she "frows up" again. She has not thrown up since last Saturday but I guess it has scarred her for life!! It doesn't have to be any one specific hand towel just as long as it is a hand towel. I think I have washed 40 hand towels today!!! Everytime we eat-there is the towel, going to get gas today-towel, going to bed-she freaks out about her towel until she is snuggled up to it. I haven't tried too hard to take it away just yet but Justin is pretty annoyed by now. He thinks people have to be wondering why our child carries a hand towel with her at all times. Oh well......they'll get over it!

Sadie and her "wash-wag"

Since I was off today we enjoyed this nice January in Texas day of 80 degrees! The girls played outside ALL afternoon and we had some pretty tuckered babies tonight. They scarfed down dinner and didn't make a fuss about going to bed. Oh how I can't wait for summer to be here!!! I love watching them run out all of that energy instead of being cooped up in the house.

And in case you were wondering.........yes, Sadie's towel rode with her on her scooter!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Up to Par

We are now finally on the mend!! After several long nights we are finally feeling much better and so far no sign of a sick Brynn. Thank God for heavy medications!! Hopefully we won't have any more movie days in the chair.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

We finally got it...

So, everyone has been posting about being sick but thankfully it had skipped our family until NOW. Please say a prayer for Sadie. I took her to the doctor today and he said definite ear infections and bronchitis but he didn't know what else. She is one very sick little girl. Her fever got up to 103.4 last night and I have really been worried today. I guess we have a fun weekend of laying on the couch ahead of us!!

Monday, January 05, 2009

So What, I'm Still a Rockstar!

For some reason, my girls have picked up on the song "Rockstar" by Pink. I have no clue why this one stuck.......okay I might have a hint......they love the part "Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah I want to start a fight." Nice..... They have now learned the chorus and wanted to perform tonight. Well, Brynn wanted to perform. Sadie refused to quit playing with the Little People long enough to walk over and perform. Enjoy the concert!!!!

(I have no clue how to make it smaller so it won't cut off the right side...sorry)

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy 2009

We had a wonderful, fun New Years party in the garage last night. Hey, don't knock the garage. It has darts, poker, TV, and tons of memories. We really had a wonderful night and it was great to ring in the new year with our friends. We even had the black-eyed peas for good luck!!

The couple roll call:
David and Hillary (newly engaged)

Dawson and Courtney (newly dating)

Ryan and Jacinta (nothing new there, they've been together for over 10 years)

Eric and........wait who's your date Eric???

The dudes

Some of the ladies

Happy 2009!!!!!!!!!

And on a completely unrelated subject. Look at Brynn today. Her pants were 'itching'