Friday, September 26, 2008

Just call him Big Black

For those of you who don't have cable (Adryn), don't watch MTV (mom and dad), or just plain don't care (I'm not sure if ANYONE fits in this category).......but we are HUGE fans of the show "Rob and Big". We have been hooked since the first episode and I have almost peed my pants many times during their show (i.e. "Bobby Light", "Black Lavender", etc)

So, here we are gearing up for the most important day of our life......okay not no really......but pretty dang exciting!

Drumroll please......

Here I am with Big Black

Now Justin's turn

He is big guy!

He came into town to promote the opening of this new club and their college night. Okay, so we aren't in college, but neither were half the people in that place. Too bad Rob wasn't there! We had the front row table and it was an absolute blast. So, I've seen 50 Cent and Big Black over the last year.....wonder who's next! I'll leave you with my favorite Rob and Big picture.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I have not been too good at blogging lately. I have lost the charger to my camera, so therefore no pictures which means no post.

We went to Dublin this last weekend to see Justin's parents and took them to a little mini-fair in Stephenville. It was an absolute blast! (This is where I would post pictures, but they are on my mother-in-law's camera)

Everything else is going great here. Just staying busy. Since posts aren't good unless there is a a picture............Here ya go!

Have a great day!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


You never know who you might find working at your Chick-fil-A?!?!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Punies

We have been battling the punies around the house this week. Sadie has an ear infection and I haven't felt just peachy. Here is Brynn and Sadie's way of playing "sick." Sadie puts one of Grammy's old shirts on.....this is her 'gown'. Then Brynn tucks her in on the couch and reads her a story. Too cute.

Brynn on the other hand has been feeling just fine.

In fact, she is feeling no worries whatsoever.

Hope everyone has a better week. Good luck to everyone in Houston/Galveston area. We will be praying for everyone.

Monday, September 01, 2008

We're gonna party like it's your birthday....

We had Sadie's "Strawberry Shortcake" party this last Saturday at The Jump Around. It is an indoor facility with inflatable jump houses, slides, etc. We had an absolute blast and were so thankful that our friends and family (some of which had to drive in to Abilene-special thanks) could all attend and celebrate with us!

Of course there were some tears and fit throwing but hey, "it's my party and I'll cry if I want to!"

Here is my big 2 year old dressed all in her Strawberry Shortcake garb!

Opening all the presents.....Sadie gave up after about 3 gifts, so the other kids got to have a field day opening the rest of them.

A tricycle from Grammy and Papa Steve. She was very possessive of this and wouldn't let any kids touch it.

Of course the Chick-fil-A cow had to make an appearance ( is the cow's head?)

This picture absolutely cracked me up! I don't remember it happening and just found it as I was going through the pictures. I guess Sadie was really ticked about Alexis touching the edge of her cake!

Strawberry cake was devoured and we wrapped a wonderful morning.

And then we came home to more prizes from Ginny and Papa Chuck!

Happy Birthday Baby!