Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Brynn's Visitor

We have been having troubles with Brynn prefering to play at the dinner table rather than eat. As you know, we have tried many different things (Click HERE to see previous antics). So, tonight we were sitting down at dinner and Justin decides to tell Brynn that if she ate everything, then the Chick-fil-A cow would come pay her a visit when she got out of the bathtub! She was so excited and ate so good! When she was done eating we 'called' the cow and asked if he wanted to come over and play with her. She went and got her bath and while "daddy ran to the store".......COW CAME OVER TO PLAY!!!!!!!

Of course we had to get our picture made with the cow!

Brynn decided to show the cow her little stuffed cow that looked just like him!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Child's Mind

Lately I have been absolutely surprised at what comes out of Brynn's mouth! I love to watch her think complex things through all in her little world.

It takes me back about 24 years. I clearly remember not being able to process that there was an entire world outside of Abilene. We would drive by the big Borden milk plant that was this huge white house and I totally believed that it was the White House where the President lived. Mom would tell me about Washington D.C. and it would just totally baffle me. Whenever people would talk of these cool places like the beach or Disneyworld I would just assume that they were a part of Abilene that I hadn't been to yet. The idea of other cities, states, countries, or continents just confused me.

So, the other day we are pulling out of the driveway and Justin has installed these little wire "doggie windows" in the fence so that the dogs can see out (by the way these are an amazing idea-our dogs absolutely LOVE them) anyways...

Brynn sees Lucy looking out the window and she and stares at her for awhile and we drive on to Grammy's house. We are almost there and Brynn says, "Mommy, I am so sad."
"Why?" I ask
"Because Lucy is in the hospital!" She replies.

WHAT????? Where did she get that from!?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Fair

Last night we made the annual trip to the West Texas Fair and Rodeo! This year was Brynn's first year to be able to ride any of the rides. Only problem: One adult has to ride with her on every ride. Guess who got nominated for that fun guessed it! Out of my parents, Justin, and my brother and his one else volunteered. I just don't have the stomach that I once had. Please notice the look of distress on my face as Dumbo started to raise into the air:

Brynn had absolutely no fear of any ride. She always wanted it to go faster, higher, etc. Sadie stayed in a daze pretty much the whole time wondering where we were at. Here we are on the carousel.

Then, of course, the one ride I didn't much care for (Dumbo) Brynn wanted to ride over and over.
Poor Sadie finally gave out towards the end of the night:

Brynn wasn't much far behind:

The lovely super slide adventure that has me sore all over:

This was the greatest story of the night. Brynn sees these big "teddy bears" that spin round and round. (I see one big puke machine). She really wants to ride so we get on. I just tell myself that we won't turn the little wheel inside so then we won't spin. At the last second, these older girls get in our bear!!!! I could tell it was going to be trouble. All they could talk about was how fast they were going to spin it. Please watch the video below......notice that the ride hasn't even started and they are already spinning the blasted bear! It all went downhill from there. Brynn absolutely loved it, but mom almost lost it!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

I am still alive

Just barely, but I am still here! Sadie passed her stomach bug onto me so it was a really yucky week. Justin and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary on Tuesday. I had just gotten sick so we watched 6 hours of "Paradise Hotel" on some random channel. Yippee! We want to go see "Bourne Ultimatum" sometime this week. I have already seen it but I want Justin to see it. Then, this weekend we made a quick trip to Dublin to welcome his parents back. (they had moved to Dalhart but long story short, things didn't work out as planned and they are back in Dublin). It was so good to be back at their place after not seeing it for months.

Let's see......what other good stuff. We got Brynn one of those singing potty chairs. When you pee in it, it sings a song. My lovely daughter just sits on it (without peeing of course) and sings a song out loud. She then leaps up and runs out yelling that the potty sang the song. Weird kid.

Sadie has just not been doing well ever since the tummy bug. She is still really cranky and running fever. I guess we will get to make a doctor visit this week.

Brynn has associated the stomach bug with Sadie having diaper rash. We told her so much while Sadie was sick that, "her bottom hurt" and "we have to medicine on Sadie's bottom". Well, once I got the bug Brynn felt like such a helper telling everyone "Mommy's bottom hurt. I put medicine on her botttom and make it feel all better." Nice. Thanks Brynn!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Diaper rash and other fun stuff


Okay, so Sadie has a severe case of diarhea and diaper rash (to the point of blisters). We are doing oatmeal baths, gobs of cream, and CLOTH diapers! YIPPEE!! It started Wednesdayish and got progressively worse. She is getting better today, but hasn't been able to eat anything-only drinking pedialite. Her diaper rash was so bad that when she would pee or poop, she would scream so hard, start sweating, and quiver all over. Yes, very heartbreaking! The doctor said that it was 'just a virus' and would go away soon. What a great way to start off the weekend!


Here's a story to leave ya with:

Justin had to run out in the garage to grab something so he just threw on my bathrobe real quick. Brynn was sitting in front of the tv fully engrossed in a movie and not paying any attention. Justin ran throught the room and her jaw dropped to the ground. She had this complete look of shock on her face. She ran over to me and said, "It's Jesus!"


"Look Mommy, it's Jesus!" (pointing at Justin)

I guess in Brynn's eyes, Jesus wears lavender bathrobes!