Monday, May 28, 2007

Family 'Day'

We had a wonderful weekend. The fence is officially DONE! Tomorrow will be Ace and Lucy's first day in the backyard!! All of the weeds are pulled and the yard is mowed-good, productive weekend.

After working all weekend we decided to have Family Day today!!! (Okay, I decided it on my own) Anyways......

Family Day started at approximately 10:00. The kids were dressed and off we went. We had no particular plans, just to go to random stores or whatever.

First stop, off to PetSmart to get Lucy and collar and tag. I take Brynn to go look at all the animals and Justin picks out the stuff for Lucy with Sadie. We meet back, get the tag made, and off we go. No problems.

Next, we decided to run across town to see if this big liquidation sale was going on. (You must remember that my husband never rides in the car with both children unless we are going out of town so he is unfamiliar with how chaotic it gets). Of course the sale is not going on anymore and we have to drive farther to get to this little boutique I want to go to.

In the car, Sadie starts getting restless because it is time for her morning cat nap. Brynn starts in on her usual, "Daddy, look it's green!!" "Daddy, look it's red!" (talking about traffic lights). Now, if you do not answer her she just keeps repeating it louder and louder and even if you do she still repeats it anyways. After about the 10th time I see he is getting frustrated. Sadie is now full-on crying wanting her bed and Brynn is trying to crawl out of her car seat so that she can see out the window. We get her back down and by now Sadie has dozed off. Brynn decides to wake her up by screaming, " SADIE!! Wake up!!" Well, she's awake by now and screaming. Brynn then starts repeating, "Daddy, what doing?" "Daddy, what doing?" "Daddy, what doing?" (about 15 times). Justin is now sweating bullets of frustration. "Driving," he replies after each question growing more and more frustrated. Sadie manages to doze off again and we arrive at the boutique.

Brynn and I go in and leave Justin and Sadie out in the car since she was asleep. Well, 5 minutes later in walks Justin with a very mad Sadie. (the car had stopped and so she had woke up). We quickly walk through the boutique and leave.

Now, Brynn is hungry so we stop off at Sonic for some tater tots. Off we go again, heading to Home Depot. This of course sparks Sadie to decide she is ready to eat as well. Once again, Sadie is screaming and Brynn is yelling, "More tater tot!" (about 15 times). I notice we are not heading to Home Depot.

I asked Justin, "Where are you going?"
He replies, "HOME!!!!!"

Family Day ended at approximately 12:10.