Monday, February 26, 2007

"Old School"

I have been excited about this post for awhile-so please take a walk with me......

A walk down "old school" lane.....

Justin and I were discussing our childhood memories the other day (which by the way are VERY different) and it got me thinking about some awesome things about the '80s and '90s that I would like to share with you:

1: FASHION: Now I could take the easy way out and post about side ponytails, jams, t-shirt ties, tight-rolled jeans, splatter painted dresses, BUT I won't! I am go a little deeper than just that!

2. Blowing out the Nintendo games to play them! Can you just see the kids now with their X-Box and Playstation 3 games having to blow the dust out of their games to play them? Our Nintendo even got a short in it so we had to shove the game down in the cartridge and then slide another game on top of it to hold it down, so that it would play!! Aaaahhhh...good times! (Nintendos, by the way, only cost $100-which was actually a fortune back then) The Power Pad rocked!

3. What are United and Albertsons today were Super Duper and M-Systems back then! I even remember when Abilene got a Food Emporium. That place was HUGE, although all I really remember was that it gave lots of samples. Also, Sams Club was the place to go to stock up for the whole month!

4. Crimpers! I remember one Christmas and that was ALL that I wanted. Nothing else. Just a pink crimper. (Yes, I did get it!!)

5. Keds-(I know this is part of fashion but I thought it deserved it's own category)-I remember there was this girl in my class-Kristen Klahn-who had Keds in EVERY color! My mom would only buy me one pair and so I had to decide which color I really wanted. Then K-Mart came out with knock-off Keds and mom would only buy me those. I was mortified!! I even tried to buy longer jeans that would cover the heel of my shoe so that no one would see that they weren't Keds.

6. Matching your friends. About once a week we would call each other the night before and plan "an outfit" for the next day so that we would all match. One time I even pretended to be sick and not go to school because of this. We were all suppose to wear black pants with a purple shirt, problem is I didn't own a purple shirt. There was no way my mom was going to go buy me a shirt just so I could match my friends! I faked sick so that I wouldn't have to face the embarrassment of having to go to school not matching everyone.

7. Clearly Canadian!! Do you remember this drink? It was like carbonated flavored-water. My cousins in Gorman first introduced my to these and I was in love. We would buy them at Sams and, from what I remember, they were pretty expensive. Whatever happened to those

I know I sound "old" but I really love looking back on all of that! There are always the obvious memories like best friend necklaces, perms, and my first CD player but the more obscure memories are always better!!!

Good times! Now go Google Clearly Canadian and find out what happened it!

Friday, February 23, 2007

It's Official!

Well, we officially have a crawling baby! She turned six months on Tuesday (20th) and we have been teetering on scooting/crawling but now she is on the move! This video doesn't do it justice but it is all I could get:

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Baby Sunshine

We are officially back into the swing of things! Justin went back to work today and the girls came home. It was so wonderful playing with them and getting things back to normal. No matter how wonderful your kid's grandparents are (I am blessed with wonderful parents and in-laws) is still not-so-fun the first few days they come home from a weekend at the grandparent's house. Justin and I call it the de-programming phase. Around here it usually takes 2 full days to get them back to normal. We have learned to just get use to the fact that they are going to be spoiled rotten at grandma's!

My friend Adryn has introduced us to "Baby Einstein." Apparently I am the only parent in the entire world that didn't own these videos. She gave us a whole set of them and boy are they a hit! Brynn calls them her "Baby Sunshine" videos. This is how excited she gets (yes I know my whoo-hoos are annoying-sorry)

It is so wonderful to have all my peas back in their pod!

PS: We are having Brynn's 2nd birthday party next month and the theme will be "Shrek" (building up for Shrek 3 that is coming out in May)

I have a few ideas, but any help would be great!

(Mark your calendar family: March 31 will be the party)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Isn't it Ironic

I think I am starting to see a pattern:

February 15 is Justin's birthday

February 15, 2004: Justin and I were on "a break" and not speaking for two months
February 15, 2005: I was VERY pregnant, miserable, and stayed in bed
February 15, 2006: I was in the hospital from food poisoning
February 15, 2007: I come down with meningitis and end up in the hospital

Hmmmm........let's define irony!

I had gone to the doctor Saturday morning and was diagnosed with meningitis. I felt worse worse as the day went on. By the time dinner rolled around I felt like I was literally on my death bed. I was unable to carry on conversations and couldn't remember things. (this is due to the swelling of the brain tissue) We sat down to eat and I decided to take my temperature......104.0!! Ummmm....not cool! So we call the doctor and tells us to go on into the hospital. We stayed there until yesterday and they pumped me full of Demerol, Toradol, and Phenergan. I pretty much slept the entire time. I will say that it was the worse I have ever felt in my life. Once I quit running fever, they said I could do all of the steroids at home. I finally got to see the girls for a brief minute today, but have to stay away for a little while longer. It is killing me!

Through all of this I have become so thankful for the family God gave me. My husband was the most awesomest (yes I know that isn't a word) cheerleader for me! He was so worried and helped me so much. He took on the cleaning, parenting, bill-paying, and care of me. I guess what they say about God working in mysterious ways is true. We had been drifting apart for awhile and this made us realize how important we are to each other. I also thank God for such supportive parents and relatives. I am truly blessed!! I have learned not to gripe about my household duties beacuse they could very easily be taken away!

Sorry this turned out to be sappy. I have just been very humbled by this whole experience. I am ready to have my whole family back together again and for things to return to normal.

Mental note: Go far, far away next February!!!

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Okay, so I started getting a migraine on Thursday and by Friday I couldn't move my neck or function at all. I go up to the walk-in clinic and he runs a flu test......negative. He does a very thorough exam, some bloodwork, and then comes back in and sends me straight to the hospital for a spinal tap. I go up there only to find a 5-7 hour wait. Ummmm......yeah right! I am in horrendous pain and decide to just go home, sleep, and then call my doctor in the morning.

This morning rolls around and I still feel miserable-not any better at all. We call the doctor and he tells us to come on up there. Are you ready for this?

Viral Meningitis

Oh yes, you read that right. So, he has put me on some heavy medication, I can't work, nor can I be around the kids.

I hate being sick because:
1. Everyone else is feeling great and doing all these things that you want to do
2. I suddenly think of all these things that need to get done and I can't do anything about it
3. My house gets really messy and I have no energy to clean it
4. I have to use my PTO hours at work to just sit home and sleep. I would rather use those while I am off on some exotic vacation enjoying my time away from work
5. Even when I start feeling better, I just have no energy from laying in bed for so long.
6. I feel like CRAP!

Anyways, I still feel horrible and am about to sleep the week away. YUCK!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I tried so hard to get the perfect picture of the girls in their Valentines P.J.'s but only had minimal luck. Here are some of the finalists:

Sadie: 5 1/2 Months

The "unsure" look:

Happy Girls (but I didn't like the sheet as the background)

I think this one was the winner

Since Justin works evenings, we will probably wait and celebrate tomorrow on his birthday.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Daddys Trick

Sorry to post twice in one day, but this was worth it.

What do you do when your child refuses to eat? Make it fun!!!!!

Weekend Wrap-Up

I was hoping to post pictures of my finished closet, but we are still "in progress" right now. Let me remind you of the 'before' picture:

Here is my baby working so hard today
The carpet is where the closet stopped before. As of now we have to texture, paint, and put up the shelving. Yeah.......a little behind!

Since I don't have finished pictures of the closet, I thought I would show off my new rug!

Here is the whole setup

No fun stories from the weekend. Sorry guys! Have a happy Monday!
PS: The panties didn't go over so well....back to diapers!

Friday, February 09, 2007

The Day in Pictures

Here are some highlights of our evening! Every night when it is bathtime Brynn will get herself undressed and climb into the tub all by herself while I bring Sadie in there. When I brought Sadie in there this is what I found.......ummmm......did you forget something Brynn??? Here is Sadie's 'model pose'

Today I introduced Brynn to Elmo panties! She wanted to put them on herself but she forgot to take her pants off first and this frustrated her!

Now we got it!!!

Last but not least, here is Brynn's new favorite song!!

What an eventful day! Hopefully I will have 'finished closet pictures' by Sunday

Thursday, February 08, 2007


I guess I jinxed myself yesterday because today it was the mascara! (and yes that is Sadie's paci in her mouth)


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Brynn's Makeup

Now that Justin is working evenings, things get a little hectic when I have them alone for dinner, bath, and bedtime. So, guess what Brynn found while I was feeding Sadie...............MY MAKEUP! Luckily it was only my base and not all of it (mascara would have been a lot harder to clean up)

She came into the living room and said, "Ben (this is how she says Brynn) pity (pretty)?"
I couldn't figure it out at first and she just kept yelling, "Ben pity? Ben pity?"
That was until I looked up and saw her!!!

I guess the lack of responses to my last post verifies that I am a freak.....thanks guys!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Yes, I am Weird

I wanted to unwind tonight and write for a little bit but I couldn't think of any cute stories about the girls to tell, so I decided to talk about myself for a little bit.

Growing up I was the most, absolute messiest person. Seriously, you could not see my carpet EVER in my room. For some odd reason, when I got pregnant with Brynn I became a crazy clean freak!!!! Justin calls it my "OCD" habits (obsessive compulsive disorder). I really think I have become neurotic so I decided to share with you some of my 'OCD habits'

1. I cannot leave to go out of town unless my house is spotless.
2. I can never let my laundry basket get completely full.
3. I have to TOTALLY clean my house once a week, even if we haven't been home
4. When I totally clean, I always clean in the exact same order-I have a set routine of how the house gets clean
5. The shower curtain ALWAYS has to be closed
6. I use Clorox wipes for EVERYTHING. I have to have 3 or so bottles on hand at all times
7. I am off on Fridays so as soon as I wake up I light every candle in the house and they burn all day while I clean
8. All of our towels have to be folded the exact same way
9. The clothes in our closet have to stay in a specific order
10. I print out labels on my computer for all of my rubbermaid storage containers (and yes they all have to be the same font)
11. No matter if only wear a shirt to run up to the convenient store, it goes in the dirty clothes. If it goes on my body at all, it gets washed-even if it is was only worn for a few minutes.
12. There are some things that I buy tons of and store in the garage to be certain that I will never run out of them. These include laundry detergent, dryer sheets, clorox wipes, paper towels, dish detergent and toilet paper

So, am I a freak or what?!?! If you knew me 5 years ago, you would not be able to imagine this but I swear it is true! It absolutely drives Justin up the walls. I am sure I will think of more weird habits tomorrow but that is all I got for now. Please share some of your weird habits so that I don't feel like a total dork!!!!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Weekend Wrap-Up

Thank you for all of your emails and prayers. Things have calmed down and we really had a wonderful, relaxed weekend. Justin's parents came through town Saturday evening and took us to eat. Here are the girls ready for the big night out on the town:
I don't know what it is about the second child but, by this age, Brynn had already tried several different types of 'adult' food. For some reason, we really haven't experimented much with Sadie. At Red Lobster we decided to give Sadie a lemon for the first time. Here goes the trial run:

NOT, I repeat, NOT a big fan of the lemon!!!!

I am so excited that some of my old friends are reading this and I seem to 'entertain' them just as much as I did back in the good ole' days. Okay, probably not as much but that is probably a good thing!!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Say a Little Prayer

I think every family has their good times and their bad times. Right now, our family is in one of those dips. So if you could, say a prayer for us!

I did think this was sweet though:

Last night I was upset and Brynn came to me and said, "Mommy cry?"
I said, "Yes, baby mommy's crying but it's okay."
About two minutes later she came over and said, "Mommy paci?" (as she was handing me a pacifier)

Isn't that just too cute?! I thank God for my beautiful children!