Thursday, November 30, 2006

Our Christmas Card

I am just so beside myself with excitement! This is our Christmas card!! Isn't is just adorable!!!

I love Christmas time!!

Monday, November 27, 2006


Crazy weekend! I could go with the usual after-thanksgiving-talk-about-the-family-post, but that is boring and you all know it. Soooo.....I thought I would share with you a little Santa secret. Brynn will have a TMX Elmo waiting for her under the tree this year! (Thank you to a generous cousin!!!) Justin and I got it out and played with it. Holy Moses that thing is crazy!!!! We laughed hysterically.

Here is a video of one in action:

and of course, no post is fun without some pictures:




Thursday, November 16, 2006

Picture Hell

Please take a mental picture of Brynn at 19 picture Sadie next to her in a matching Santa dress. They are both smiling and looking absolutely adorable. That is what COULD have happened had my daughter decided to cooperate! Wonder what I am trying to say? Well, we took the girls in their matching little Santa dresses to get their picture made. Ummmm......bad, bad, REALLY BAD experience. Brynn refused to get her picture made. She screamed so hard that her face was red and swollen. I was in tears and Justin wanted to inflict "tough love" on her. So, we got a lot of pictures of Sadie, but none of Brynn. I guess we will try again at home. Oh by the way, that picture is of Brynn crawling around in the waiting area. Yeah......niiiiice!!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Brynn Saying her ABC's and Counting

Please comment and let me know that you were able to see the video!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Sadie's feet

I wasn't going to post about this because we haven't really told anyone, but the more I thought about it....I thought the more prayers the better. We noticed this last week that Sadie's has a 'clubbed foot'. Actually it is not a truly clubbed foot, but I don't know how else to describe it. It is both feet, but much worse on her left foot. The way her left foot is in the pictures is how she keeps it all the time:

I know it is mild and could be much more severe, but it still has freaked me out pretty good. We are going to a podiatrist on Monday November 20 to have some x-rays done and see where we need to go from here. I think the right foot can be corrected with exercises, but the left one may need a corrective shoe or something. I don't think casting will be necessary. So, any prayers or suggestions will be appreciated. (PS: the lacto-free formula is not helping so it looks like we may be going to soy soon)

Sorry about being a debbie-downer. ANYWAYS! The girls are going to Justin's parents this weekend so that we can celebrate my birthday (it isn't until Tuesday, but oh well). I am pretty excited about getting to sleep in! I am getting the girls picture made next week, so that should be very interesting. Other than that, nothing much is going on here. Have a fabulous weekend!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Help please

Does anyone have any information or experience with having a lactose intolerant child? Sadie has just been having a really rough time here lately and they have switched us to a lactose-free formula. Any advice would be appreciated!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Potty Training

We have started introducing the potty. We are not in full force potty training mode, but just starting the early stages. We had been reading books about the potty, looking at the potty, etc. Well now we have started sitting on the potty. She doesn't 'go' in the potty yet, but just sits on it and sings. She loves to go potty! Actually, truth be told, she just likes to take her clothes off. I think that is the only reason she likes to go potty.

Well, last night she comes up to Justin and tells him, "potty" as she proceeds to begin taking her clothes off. Justin takes her into the bathroom and I can hear them in there singing away. I go back there and peek my head in to see how things are going and Brynn suddenly gets quiet, looks at me, and says, "bye!" I stand there for a minute and then she says it again, "Bye-bye mommy!!" Justin looks at me and says, "Well, you heard her! Bye!" I was in shock! My baby did not want me to potty with her! Even though she still did not go, she came out and told me all about the potty and how she said bye-bye to her pee pee and poo poo (that is what we do when we flush). I guess she will just continue to be a daddy's girl. I think he got a kick out of the whole situation. Oh well, I will remind him of how she only wants him to take her potty whenever she wants to go at some inopportune time!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Well wasn't Halloween just grand with a little 19-month old! Brynn was a devil and Sadie was an angel.......hmmmm.....wonder where we got the idea for that one. We went by our nieghbors, my grandmothers, and my brother's house. Brynn didn't grasp the whole concept of trick or treating but did like the idea of hitting Sadie with her pitchfork.

We have hit a jealous period where Brynn doesn't like Sadie being around. Anytime we are leaving somewhere all together she will say, "Bye Sadie!" and then gets upset when she realizes Sadie is coming with us. She doesn't like me holding or feeding Sadie either. I know it is just a phase, but she has got the whining and pouting down to an art!

Other than that, nothing too exciting is happening around here! I can't wait to see everyone's Halloween pictures!!