Monday, July 31, 2006

It is official!

I can officially birth now!! Today was my "from now on if you go into labor we won't stop anything" appointment. Now it is just the waiting game. Everything looked great-no dilation yet. I finally gained weight (my first weight gain since May)! Overall, I am doing good. I have finally hit that 'puffy' stage where every part of your body starts to swell, but I won't complain about just now starting that at 36 weeks, with Brynn I started that at 28 weeks.

I really don't sleep good and I stay uncomfortable most of the time, but I think it has started to hit my that this will be my last pregnancy. So, it is starting to be bittersweet. As much as I hurt and ache, I am realizing that this will be my last time to feel the kicks and the movements inside of me. It will be our last time to rush to the hospital calling everyone we know on the way, only to be sent home and told that it is a 'false alarm'. Our last time to experience a day where I look at Justin and realize just how deeply I love him and our family.

Okay, getting a little emotional..........deep breath.......okay.....

I will quit with the sappiness now, you get my point. Oh, it will also be my last time to eat WHATEVER I want and not feel a bit of guilt!!!!

For some reason it is not letting me post pictures so I will have to tell ya about our weekend later.

PS: this new template is acting up. Can you see the flowers on the left/right and the tickers at the top? Just curious!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I'm Sorry

First off, I am sorry for not filling your lives with wonderful bogging lately. I just haven' t been in the blogging/being friendly mood. My Aunt Mary and Nanny came into town and Nanny has officially moved here. (well not actually moved in yet, but we do have the place rented). I am glad she will get to spend time with Brynn again. cat is about to pop out kitties any day now. I think she is as miserable as I am.

I don't want to be "Debbie Downer" (as Justin calls it), but I am just sooooo tired all of the time. The contractions are harder and more painful and I don't know if ya'll have noticed, but it is freaking HOT outside!! It is just hard to be this pregnant, work, chase Brynn around, and be somewhat cordial to people. Okay, enough whining. My due date is a month from yesterday, but I don't think we will make it that far. I go Monday for a "examination", so we'll see if anything is progressing.

Can I just say: Thank God for popsicles....I eat about 5-6 a night!!!

Sorry once again that this post was crappy. I will try to do better!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Family Night/Garage Sale

On Saturday, we decided to have a wonderful garage sale. I despise having garage sales, but they are a easy way to make some quick cash so why not. I got an absolute kick out of the professional garage salers. These are not your typical browse around people. Oh no, these are the women who are usually alone and pull up with determination in their eyes. They are parked, out of the car, and in route to the sale in less than 5 seconds. You can usually spot them by their fanny pack, comfy tennis shoes, and visor/sunglasses. They can zip up one side and down the other pricing, skimming, and plotting all at once. Then as they pick up something and look at it, they are already trying to haggle. It goes, "you have this at 4, will you take 2 (holding out two one dollar bills ready to make the sale)?" Before I even know what is happening, I take the money and they are gone as quick as they appeared. They are some serious women and I find that it is just easier to stay out of their way. Overall, we didn't sale any of our big stuff, but did make a few extra dollars.

I had been pretty bummed all weekend about missing my cousin's wedding. It was in Lubbock and that falls into the "no travel" rule. To cheer me up and to reward ourselves on the garage sale, we decided to go out to eat at Fugi Steakhouse. This is one of those japanese restaraunts that cook your meal at the table. I absolutely LOVE their food and we thought Brynn would really enjoy the cooking show. Well, by the time we got seated it was 8:15. Then drinks, soup, salad, and it was 8:45. Not looking good for the little one who's bedtime is 8:15-8:30. So, by the time they started dinner is was 9:00 and Brynn had had enough. She was throwing food, throwing herself on the table, screaming, etc. As they served our food we put it in to-go containers and quickly exited the building. So, we had our expensive meal out of styrofoam boxes on tv trays.

Here are some of the before pictures, there were no after pictures taken.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Baby Update

I went to the doctor yesterday for my "wonderful" checkup (and all you ladies know what I am talking about) and everything is going fabulous-no dilation! I had been having a lot of contractions last week, so he had put be off my feet over the weekend. Let me just tell you how not-so-fun that was. I just cannot sit for 3 days straight (although it was an interesting sight to see my husband vacuuming-and yes he did have to ask where we kept our vacuum)! Well, the doctor said I could go back to my "normal routine" as long as I rest in the evenings (he must not have a 15 month old). I am now 33-34 weeks and have gained a total of 16lbs. I have lost several pounds over the last month, but he said she was measuring on time so he wasn't worried. This is a big change from my first pregnancy where I gained 50 lbs, oh yes the big 5-0! I will see him back July 31 and he said that will be my official "release" date which means after that he will not stop labor! YIPPEE!!!! Just thought I would give a quick update on things since I hadn't posted anything about it in awhile. I will try to take some belly pictures this week for your viewing pleasure.

Oh!! We have officially decided on a name, but aren't releasing this classified information until the big day.....Sorry!!!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Daddy got bored....

What do you get when you have an empty grill box and a bored daddy?

A playhouse for Brynn of course!!!

She thought it was pretty cool, so she decided to bring her couch and Baby Tad inside to play.

What a fun Sunday afternoon!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


We had just an absolute wonderful weekend! We took Brynn to the zoo for the very first time. Her favorites were the flamingo (weird I know) and the giraffe. She did prefer that daddy feed the giraffe, not her.

I only took pictures of her with giraffes, because well there just wasn't very many photo opportunities! We just spent the whole weekend NOT working on the house, but spending time with Brynn. It was a very relaxing time. Yesterday we loaded up and went to Stephenville to visit Justin's family. We ended up staying for the fireworks and can I just say that it was the best fireworks show I have ever seen (besides Walt Disney World). They did an amazing job!!! We didn't end up on the road until 11ish, which put us home at 12:30. Yeah, momma is a little tired today! Overall, great family weekend!

On a side note: My cousin, Cade, is now home from Iraq safe and sound!! He was unable to be here for his son's birth on April 8. So, here is him holding his son for the first time!!!! Praise God