Monday, April 24, 2006

5 1/2 Months

This was taken last Thursday up here at work. As of today, I have gained 11 lbs total, so I am hoping this will be another small baby like Brynn was (6lb 4oz). I hope everyone has a wonderful week. I don't have any new news here, so I will try to come up with something fun to post later this week!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Pictures from this weekend

These are some pictures that my cousin took this weekend at the family reunion. Aren't they just beautiful!?! I want her to do our family pictures sometime! I was very impressed!

Monday, April 17, 2006

The best weekend EVER!

Oh we just had the best weekend ever!! Where to begin. Okay, we had the birthday party/easter egg hunt here in Abilene on Thursday for my family. Since mom wasn't going to be able to go to the big hunt, we decided to let her first egg hunt be with mom. On Saturday we had my family reunion in Gorman with another big easter egg hunt. It was absolutely beautiful out there and I loved seeing all the family. On Sunday, we were in Dublin with Justin's family and had her birthday with them and yes ANOTHER east egg hunt. She is the easter egg hunting pro, although she still doesn't see the need for a basket!! So, all in all, two birthday cakes and three easter egg hunts makes for a busy weekend.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Some random pics for ya!

I like to brush my teeth!

Testing out Grammy's new wheelchair!

This is what happens when my bad mommy doesn't put sunscreen on me!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Beans and Franks

Last night, Brynn was eating beans and franks. She had picked most of the franks out, and was down to her very last one. She was playing with it for awhile and then when she went to eat it out of her hand it was all gone. She looked all on her tray and all around in her lap for it. I laughed so hard!! Can you find the long lost frank????

Things are getting better around here!! Mom will be released from the hospital today!! YIPPEE! But, since she is now wheelchair bound, we will have many arrangements to make on the homefront. I cleaned on her house for hours yesterday, because nothing makes you feel better then walking into a clean house. (maybe that's just me, but I always have to totally clean my house right before we leave for vacation so that I can come home to a perfectly clean house) Okay, so I'm neurotic!

We will hopefully be having Brynn's birthday party this weekend. We didn't want to have it without mom, but now Dad is going to begin a revival on Sunday so who knows if we will all be able to get together! I will post some pictures so don't you worry!

Justin has been moved to another shop (in the same company), but with this move he will be working DAYS!!! I am so excited I can hardly stand it. We only see each other on weekends right now, so this will be a huge change for us. I can't imagine actually having help in the evenings to feed and bathe Brynn, dinner, etc. Especially the farther along I get, it is starting to wear on me!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Please Pray

Well, here is the whole low down on my weekend.

On March 4, my mother fell and cracked her hip. They went in and placed 3 screws in it and she was recovering slowly, but overall very well. On Wednesday, I got a call at work from her but I could hardly hear her. I told her to hang up and I would call her back and that is when I heard her say, "Home now.......(more static)......ambulance." I go running out of the office and race home. Sure enough there was the ambulance and the whole 911 team out there. Mom and just gotten back from taking Nanny to the doctor. She was getting out of the car and walking into the house when she slipped in a patch of mud and fell in the driveway. My Nanny brought her the phone and that is when she called 911 and me. So, off to the hospital we go and sure enough she has now broke the neck of her femur. Oh yes, more surgery. On Thursday they went in and took the 3 screws out and patched up those holes. They placed a permanent rod from her hip to her knee and then placed a special nail (which they did not even have here in Abilene) up through her femur and hip to connect it all. She will be wheelchair bound for awhile and the recovery is going to be long and slow. We have had to put Brynn back in daycare and Nanny is going to be staying in Grand Prairie with family for awhile. Please pray for all of us, I think she will be out of the hospital by Wednesday.