Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Today has been a total nightmare!! Justin did a "pop-in" at Brynn's daycare (Wylie Baptist CDC) today and here is what he found! He walked in and found one teacher in the floor with every kid except Brynn. The other teacher was sorting lunches out. He looked around and found Brynn off by herself screaming hysterically. He said she had dry and runny snot all down to her chin, her face was red and swollen (meaning she had been screaming for awhile). No other kids were upset. He asked what the deal was and their response was, "Well, she has been like this all day!!!!!" Holy Moses I exploded. He brought her to the doctor and she is running fever and has a horrible sinus infection. Why wasn't I called?!?!!? Why was she just being ignored?!?!?! I am so irrate I can hardly stand it. Am I overreacting? I know there are other kids there, but she obviously was in pain and I needed to have been called. I am calling the director after work. Advise needed!!!