Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Birthday Pictures

Look at me......I'm One!!!

These were some pictures we took yesterday. She doesn't do well with getting her picture made. She is either trying to pull her bow off or grab the camera.

Well, here is the name for the day..........

are you prepared, because I really like it (but I am always open for criticism).......

it is.......SADIE

Well, what do ya think?!?!?!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Brynn's Birthday

My sweet Brynn is one today!! I can't believe how fast it has all gone by. Justin and I were having a walk down memory lane today at the doctor's office. Little did we know how much our lives would change after that day. We won't get to celebrate until next week, but I guess she doesn't really know the difference.

Ahhhh......the joys of motherhood!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Baby Names

Life has been busy here. I don't want to post on our remodeling/moving process because it sucks and I am tired of talking about it. I will do that another day!

So, we have been thinking of "squirrel" names and haven't really come to an agreement on anything. We have a problem because our last name is Leach. Where is the problem you ask? Well, with that last name we don't want to pick a name that ends in the -ly sound (i.e. Hailey, Bailey, etc). It is just too hard to say with our last name. Also, we are very particular about picking a name that is right in the middle....not too popular....but not too off the wall. So, with that out of the way here are some of the names we have talked about.

Hattie-this was our #2 pick for Brynn. We love it, but it is a little to 'girly' for me. Also we run the risk of her being a little on the chunky side and being nicknamed "Fatty Hattie"

Hadley-my favorite name of all, but once again it ends in the -ly

Macy-Justin absolutely loves this one, but I kind of think it is too popular (no offense Shauna)

Jayla-(Yes, it sounds too much like J-lo I know). The girl at Walgreens was named this and I liked it at the time, but not too much now.

See, we really suck at this whole naming process. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I am 17 weeks and 4 days today. I have only gained 3.5 lbs, but I look huge!! Here is a picture we took today. I didn't know I looked that big, but oh well (an yes it is a bad hair day so no comments needed about that)

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

All is good in the hood

All is well on the homefront now!! Brynn is back in daycare and things are going good (except she is STILL sick! AHHH!). The director has called me again just to check on Brynn and make sure things are going better (yes I am "that" mom). Justin and I talked and we knew she wasn't getting abused or mistreated it was just a judement called that we would have called differently. We just need to suck it up and not be "yuppies" (Megan's word that I love) because situations are only going to get worse from here once she starts school, and I don't want to be "that" mom that is calling the principal every day over something stupid. Thank you all for your advice! Wylie Baptist CDC is a great daycare! (that's for you Shauna)

Now the big drama starts tomorrow. We had found this house awhile back and then on the day before closing there was all this drama because the owner had tax liens on the house so we could not get a clear title. We still haven't gotten all of that cleared up, but we are still going to be able to move in!! We won't actually get to move in for awhile because Justin is going to completely remodel it, which is going to take some time. The thing is, we have to be out of our house by March 31. Yeah, so this puts us at the good ole' mom's house for a few weeks during the transition period. Justin is SO thrilled he can hardly stand it!!! I will post before and after pictures of the house. (oh wow the before ones are going to be bad!)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

The other side of the story.....

There are two sides to every story....

Okay, so I called the director and told her what all Justin had told me. She sounded very concerned and called the teacher at home. The teacher said that Brynn had been a little fussy but nothing big early in the morning. As the morning progressed she got VERY cranky. When the teachers tried to go over and help her she would hit at them and start screaming harder (yes, my child hits at strangers so this didn't sound too off the wall). They had wiped her nose all morning until this bad spell and then they had stopped because it was making her scream hysterically (this also sounds normal for my child). The lady who was getting lunches together was actually only getting Brynn's lunch. They had thought that feeding her would calm her down. They did not call because they knew she had a doctor's appointment already. So, while all of this was going on................in walked Justin!

I felt much better once I got the whole story. I know that it was just a bad moment when he walked in and it probably looked horrible! Justin is still adament that she not go back, but I am trying to get him to see the whole picture. I really don't think she gets bad care there, but I want him to feel comfortable with the whole situation.

Would you send her back?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Today has been a total nightmare!! Justin did a "pop-in" at Brynn's daycare (Wylie Baptist CDC) today and here is what he found! He walked in and found one teacher in the floor with every kid except Brynn. The other teacher was sorting lunches out. He looked around and found Brynn off by herself screaming hysterically. He said she had dry and runny snot all down to her chin, her face was red and swollen (meaning she had been screaming for awhile). No other kids were upset. He asked what the deal was and their response was, "Well, she has been like this all day!!!!!" Holy Moses I exploded. He brought her to the doctor and she is running fever and has a horrible sinus infection. Why wasn't I called?!?!!? Why was she just being ignored?!?!?! I am so irrate I can hardly stand it. Am I overreacting? I know there are other kids there, but she obviously was in pain and I needed to have been called. I am calling the director after work. Advise needed!!!

Monday, March 06, 2006

I can't take it....

Read the post below to understand....

Justin has just called me and...............you guessed it. He is sick! Running fever, sore throat, achy, etc.

Oh Lordy Moses I am up to my eyeballs!

When it rains it pours......

Oh, where to begin with this wonderful weekend.......

Let's start with Nanny (my grandmother who was keeping Brynn). She had her knee replacement last Wednesday and all was going well, but she took a really bad turn for the worse this weekend. She developed a blockage in her stomach so anything that went in came directly back up. She had a horrible time and they ended up having to do a tube down her nose into her stomach. She still has the tube in place so she cannot eat or drink anything. Let's just say continuous vomiting does not make for a good weekend.

So then my mother calls to tell me about my Nanny and then gives me the wonderful news that she is in the ER with a cracked hip. Oh yes, she fell over Brynn's baby gate and broke her hip. They did surgery on her and put three screws in that day, so she was up on the same floor as Nanny. (isn't that just handy)

Finally, Brynn woke up Saturday running 101 fever! I guess this goes with starting daycare. She would not get out of my lap and would just lay there and cry. It absolutely broke my heart to not be able to help her. This also made it impossible to go up to the hospital and help with mom and Nanny. The fever came down finally and she slept through the night last night. She seemed kind of out of it this morning, but she was talking away so I guess she is fine now.

NEAT WEEKEND-HUH?!?! Well, mom is home now so we will start that recovery. Brynn is home with Justin but feeling much better (still don't know what she had), and Nanny is resting and getting back to feeling better (but VERY hungry by now). Please say a prayer that I will not go crazy over the next month with all of this!!!!

Hope everyone else had a mostest wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Daycare Drama

Yesterday was a very interesting day for us. We woke up at 6:15-which is ungodly early in our house-and proceeded to get ready for the big first day of daycare. I am not used to having to get her dressed, fed, etc, so it was chaotic at our house. I made Justin go with me so that I could have some emotional support (although I don't ever think he was fully awake through the whole ordeal). We drop her off, and of course she doesn't even care that we are leaving her with total strangers!! I was kind of upset that she didn't cry for me, but I guess it was for the better because it really would have been impossible to leave her then. As Justin was buckeling her in, here was Brynn's reaction to leaving our house at 7:15 in the morning...........

Not happy to say the least. So, I go to pick her up and of course I want every detail about her day and the teacher said, "well, she was great until naptime and well......that was just a REALLY hard time for her." (meaning: your child was a total demon at naptime)

That is when it hit me.....in my panic that morning I had dropped her off with no pacifier!! Yeah-not a good thing if my child doesn't have a pacifier for naptime. I can only imagine how much of a fit she threw! So, today I made sure to pack every necessity she might need and as I got out to take her in, she pulled the lid off her juice cup and-you got it-juice went ALL over her. I take her inside and go to get my "extra change of clothes" out of the diaper bag..........oh yes......I had taken them out to put her extra stuff in and never put the clothes back in. I really suck at this. Luckily she had an extra onesie down in the bottom, so that is what my pretty child is wearing today at daycare. A wrinkled old onesie and some socks!