Sunday, February 26, 2006

Rush Rush Rush

I love reading everyone's blogs so much, but I feel like I never have to time to really sit and write creatively. Since I do everything from my computer at work, I am not allowed much free time to really "play" as I would like. In fact, between blogging and myspace I am starting to slack at work.

I tried to pick a new template for my blog since black is so dreary, but none of the choices looked very good to me so black it is for now, but I did another ticker at the bottom!

Since I don't have much news I will tell ya about the ravioli fiasco.

I must preface this story with two facts:

1. Brynn absolutely LOVES raviolis!!! They are her favorite thing in the entire world. When all else fails-give raviolis!
2. Brynn is the loudest creature on the face of the planet. She is never never quiet. She is always screaming, banging, or yelling one of the five words she knows. She is just plain noisy!

So, the other night Justin was at work and I was home with Brynn. It came dinner time and I REALLY wanted to just sit and enjoy my soup, but I did have to feed my daughter as well. So, I got out her absolute favorite dinner in the entire world-raviolis. Yes, I know this isn't very healthy, and yes I know I should feed her better things! I use the raviolis for when I just really don't feel like being a good mom that night. I gave her the raviolis and went into the living room to enjoy my wonderful, HOT soup (a hot meal is few and far between for me in my house). She was behind me eating away, or so I assumed because she was dead quiet. This was very rare so I knew she was happy. I eat my ENTIRE bowl of soup without one peep from her. I was the happiest mom in the world.........until I turned around. My sweet daughter had picked up each and every ravioli and had not placed them in her that would be the right thing to do.........she had THROWN them EVERYWHERE!! On the wall, on the floor, on the window, on the hutch, on the table, EVERYWHERE!!!!! She had the most malicious grin across her face. I really almost lost it. For those of you that do not know, I am a HUGE neat freak. So, this ate at me more than it would most people. I was unable to take a picture because it was not this entertaining at the moment. Looking back on it, a picture "would have been perfection" (for those of you who watch "Friends"). I called my mother to vent and calm down, then I nicely cleaned her and the kitchen up. No harm done in the end!

Here is an example of a "malicious" grin!!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

The sex of the baby

Okay so once again we were doing our daily sonogram of the baby so that we could find out the sex (you have to remember that I work for a perinatologist who does sonograms on high-risk pregnancies). Everyday for the last week the baby has had its legs crossed and has just been a real toot for us. I am not use to this because Brynn LOVED to show off her private parts to us. We found out she was a girl when I was barely 13 weeks. I am now approaching 14 weeks with this one and getting anxious. Well, we really couldn't see anything so we were about to give up when a doctor down the hall came roaming by. He peeked in to see what we were doing and once he realized that we were looking for the sex he came right on in to play with us. He is retired from OB so this was especially fun for him. Well right off the bat he found the "privates" and it was there on the screen as clear as a bell! We are going to TRY and wait before we tell everyone the big news so that it will be even more confirmed.


You have realize that Justin wants a boy so bad that it hurts. He has planned the nursery out and is just so adament that this one HAS to be a boy!!!


So, I called him after work to tell him the news. Now, if you know me well you know I can't keep a secret very well, but if I give you a HINT and you GUESS it then its not like I TOLD you.


The sex of the baby rhymes with SQUIRREL and Justin is in mourning!!!!!

Monday, February 20, 2006


Sorry I have been out of the loop lately!! Well, Valentine's night I started feeling sick-and boy did it get bad!! It was food poisoning and I was in the hospital until Wednesday night. I seriously thought I was going to die!! They checked baby and everything is A-Ok, so I guess it is over now. My poor husband does not have a strong stomach and let's just say it wasn't pretty. He made up for forgetting Valentines Day. He was so wonderful through the whole ordeal!!!

Well, next week is a biggie for us. Tuesday we close on the house and then Wednesday my poor little baby starts daycare!!! (my nanny is having surgery). I think the whole daycare thing will be hardest on me, but I know it will be hard for her as well. Pray for us!! I am very behind here at work, but just wanted to check in with everyone. Sorry I didn't leave comments on all your blogs-not enough time-but congrats on the tubes RyAnn and Shauna!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Nice V-Day Already

It's funny how when we were dating Justin was so loving and romantic! I never thought he would EVER forget a holiday of any kind!! happened.......yup....we are officially married!!!

This morning I was leaving and I woke up Justin and told him "bye." He repeated "bye" and then just rolled over.
I was holding Brynn, so I said, "umm....BYE baby!"
He said, "What?! BYE!" (very frustrated because he wanted to go back to sleep)
I just glared at him and started to walk out.
He replied with, "What is your deal?!" (very huffy mind you) then he said, "Brynn, can you say bye-bye daddy"
As I was about to slam the door I replied with, "Brynn, can you say Happy Valentines Day daddy"
As I closed the door I could hear him cussing himself.

So it is official-my husband forgot Valentines Day. I am not upset about it at all-actually I think it is funny. His birthday is tomorrow and that is all he can focus on (he is just like a kid when it comes to his birthday). I guess it is just too hard to remember that V-Day is the DAY BEFORE!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Brynn got her first boo-boo that bled this weekend. I know I am psycho, but I just had to take pictures. The first one is immediately after it happened (note the still snotty nose). She was 'walking' along and then tried to sit down to crawl (because it is much faster) and rammed the corner of her eye into the corner of the coffee table. I didn't think anything of it at first, but then Justin said, "Mary-she's bleeding!!!" Sure enough there was blood and with blood came tears-no not hers, MINE! I freaked out and she was already over the whole situation. We cleaned her up and gave her a band-aid (it took me much longer to calm down).
The second one is the next morning. I wanted to get a good "after" picture for the baby book (yes I KNOW I am psycho) and all she wanted to do is open her mouth. We always try to get her to open her mouth and show us her teeth, so this was our own fault. I never got a good picture of the eye, but here she is trying to show her teeth (although they are on the bottom and you can't see them).

Monday, February 06, 2006


We bought a house, we bought a house, we bought a house-hey, hey, hey, hey!!!! Can you hear me singing?!?!?! Well, our 10 day option period will begin this week and we will close on February 28th! It is 3 bedroom 2 bath and SO cute!! It has everything I like, but it is still going to be a project for Justin. We are going to remodel the whole thing before we move, so Justin will have his work cut out for him. It is in a VERY nice neighborhood (note the remodeling needed-that is how we could get such a nice house). I am just so excited, but SO SO nervous! After we made our offer, I asked the realtor if it was normal to feel like vomiting. She said it is called "buyers remorse" and it is very normal. I am just on cloud nine!!!!! (yes that is my minivan in the picture for those of you who have not seen it)