Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Okay, so I know my blog has been sucky poo-poo lately-sorry. I will try to be much more interesting and get back to posting some pictures. Well, Christmas went great. Brynn enjoyed playing with the trash and boxes..umm...I mean opening all her neat presents!! We were severely worn out by yesterday.

STORY #1: My dad has been working with Brynn since birth (seriously) on saying 'papa'. So we were at Justin's parents this weekend and out of the blue she looks at his dad and says...of course..'papa.' We all said hooray and clapped but then realized that we were going to have to tell my dad about this. We get home and tell my dad (I could tell he was crushed, but he was nice about it). We try and try to get Brynn to say it to him and of course all she would do is look at him and say 'bye.' VERY heartbreaking. At church on Christmas (mind you we have been trying for a full 24 hours to get her to say it) my dad walks up and says hi to us and then goes off to visit. After he leaves, what does my sweet child say?? 'PAPA' of course when he can't hear it!!!! So, to this day he has not heard her say it. What a little toot she is!

This is her opening her stocking.

STORY #4: Brynn got A LOT of stuff, but one thing particular that we really thought was cool was this CD that her Godmother (my best friend) Erin sent her from Colorado. It is a personalized Veggie Tales CD!! It says her name over 80 times in it! She loves to hear the songs, but when they say her name she looks all around the room and can't figure out where it is coming from!!! What a nerd!
STORY #3: We have started our minivan shopping adventure. Now, I know some of you are thinking minivan?? why not a SUV? Well, I shall tell you. We will have a 17 month old and a newborn...2 carseats! I want to be able to click my button, have my doors open for me, and throw them right on in. Not crawl up into anything difficult. So, we shopped ALL day yesterday. We found out that we are going to be a little (actually a lot) upside down on our trade so we are weighing our options. We REALLY love the
2006 Nissan Quest (ingore the red leather), but we are going to have to wait until all the numbers fall into the right place. Yuck-I was wanting to have it before our ski trip next week. Keep you fingers crossed for us!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Reality sets in...

Well, I think it has all sunk in now and we are handling the news MUCH better than the other day. We have started making arrangements for daycare (mainly just pricing right now). Yeah-$760 a month for both!!!!!!!!!! I thought Justin was going to pass out. We know it will all work out in the end, but it is just stressful right now financially. I am starting to get excited about having a new little one, but I am just so tired right now. Tomorrow we will be leaving for Justin's family Christmas and then will come back on Saturday for the Candlellight Lord's Supper and my family Christmas. I am not sure how Brynn is going to react to the presents so I should have some funny pictures by Monday. Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!

Ryann and Stephanie-I love all the Christmas memories! I laugh so hard at some of them.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I haven't sent out an email yet, but I thought I would post it here first beacuse I am still in shock. Yesterday afternoon we found out that I am going to be having another baby!!!!! WOW-BIG SHOCKER! Warning girly details ahead....

I was on the pill, but had decided to switch brands because I was having alot of problems. So stopped taking the first brand and was to wait to complete one cycle before starting the next brand......yeah I was suppose to start the new brand this Sunday!! Five weeks no birth control and fertile myrtle conceived!! From what we can tell we are looking at the middle of August. Brynn will be 18 months old. I think we are both in shock right now and just mainly scared!! Wish us luck!

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Sorry I haven't been around in while. I had some PTO hours left to use by the end of the year, and Nanny needed a break to take care of some stuff, so I took off to spend time with Miss Brynn. To those of you who are stay at home moms-I am VERY envious of you!! We just had the best time playing and relaxing. So, I don't have any exciting news-sorry!! No fun stories this time.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Our Dog House Project

Last Wednesday I had the day off from work, so Justin and I decided to have our first marital project.' We decided to build our dogs a doghouse. Well, we started off this fun adventure by going to Lowes. Personally I would rather stick a fork in my eye than go into that store, but oh well we were bonding. We got home and the project began. We had no plan so we were just playing it all by ear. We finished up at the end of the day without one single fight!!! Until........we realized that we had gotten carried away and we were left with this HUGE doghouse that wouldn't fit through the gate and that we could not lift on our own. It looked more like a doggie mansion. We called our best friends over and it took all four of us to get it into the backyard, but Rico and Ace were very pleased with our handywork. Our friends couldn't get over how huge it was so we all got inside and had Justin take our picture!!! Now this is a doghouse!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Home Again At Last!!

Well, I am still recovering from the long week. We ended up leaving Tuesday night because a friend of Justin's was killed in a car accident, which added a lot more stress to the trip. We spent Thanksgiving with both of our families and then we went to Dallas for the weekend with my parents. We had such a good time!! We went to the Botanical Gardens, Omni, JFK Museum, and the Galleria. Pretty busy!! Brynn was so tired by the time we got home that she just crasehed and barely moved all night long. This was the longest she had been away from home and I know it was pretty hard on her. Here are some pictures from the trip. I would give more details, but I need to get caught up here at work!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

NOTE TO PIE: What is you email?! I want to talk to you!!!!!

The Botanical Gardens

The JFK Museum

And of course we had to ride some race cars along the way

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Thanksgiving Stress

I know it has been awhile since I posted last, but boy has this been a crazy week. We got family pictures made which always makes for a stressful time. I wasn't too happy with the outcome, but it will have to do until Brynn can be still and smile. It is hard to get a good picture when she keeps crawling off. Now, we are preparing for Thanksgiving (which basically means doing laundry forever!) We will be leaving for Dublin (Justin's family) tommorrow, Gorman on Thursday, back to Dublin until Saturday, to Dallas on Saturday, back to Dublin Sunday morning, and then back to Abilene Sunday night. Sounds like fun-right?!?!?! Not to mention this morning I woke up to a sick little baby girl, so we are going to the doctor this afternoon to get her all better before this fun road trip. Ahhhhh the joys of being a mom. I am excited about being away with no worries. I love the holidays once we get there, it is just the preparing that I hate. So, happy turkey day to everyone and I will be back on Monday!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Post Birthday

Well, last night Justin and I went and ate all alone!! This was something we had not done in a long time!! After that, we went and saw Derailed with Jennifer Aniston. Wow-it was not like any of her other movies. Pretty freaky! This was the first time we had seen a movie in the theatre since I was early pregnant. (Once I got farther along we stopped going because I would have to leave so many times to go pee!) We had so much fun together and it was nice to be stress-free and just relaxed alone. Justin had given me my birthday present on Friday-he isn't good about keeping secrets. So, meet Roxy-the newest addition to our family!!

Monday, November 14, 2005


Today is my birthday!! I can't believe I am already 26. That sounds so old to me!! It doesn't help that my husband is only 22. Saturday night we all went out to celebrate. We had SO much fun with everyone! Here are some more pictures from the night. I love all of our friends so much and we always have a good time when we go out together.

Overall it was a very eventful evening and we had a lot of fun! I will update tomorrow on everything that happens tonight.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Big Girl

This weekend we went to Dublin to visit Justin's parents. We had SO much fun and it was so spur of the moment that we went. We just decided to up and go, which now days is unusual for us to do. We stayed up playing Taboo against his parents and I laughed so hard I literally had cramps afterwards. During the day on Saturday we went shopping and got our Christmas outfits for our pictures and then got Brynn a 'big girl' car seat. She had outgrown her baby one, so this was a big step for her. When we got back to Justin's parents, we decided to look it over. Their gigantic poodle, Kramer, is already jealous of Brynn and doesn't really like sharing their attention with her. He always rolls all over her toys and tries to cuddle up with whoever isn't holding her. Once we got the car seat out, I guess he thought it was for him!! We laughed so hard at his effort for attention.
Before we left Sunday morning, Memaw took Brynn out for a morning swing. Brynn just sang and talked to everything. Pearl (Justin's mom) says she'll turn out to be a country girl....guess we'll just have to see. If she is anything like her mom, she won't live too far from a mall!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Happy Halloween

Last night we got Brynn's ladybug costume out and tried to take some pictures, but she wasn't having that. This was the look we got when we showed her the costume.

Finally we got it on her and this was the best picture we could get.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Brynn Doesn't Share

Yesterday we went to church to celebrate the 125th anniversary of First Baptist Buffalo Gap-where my dad preaches. We walked in and talked to everyone and then decided to take Brynn to the nursery right off (usually we let her sit and play with us and then take her once the preaching starts). I dropped her off and she started playing with no problems. After church was out, I hurried back there to pick her up and when I walked in I was met with some indifferent smiles. I of course asked, "How did she do?" "Well..." one lady said, "she crawled over to this little boy (she pointed at a child who could walk), tackeled him, laid on top of him, and took his toy. So, I just took her over here and played with her one-on-one away from the other children." I was absolutely shocked and embarrassed!!! Our child isn't perfect-what?!?! I guess she has just played alone a little too long. I am going to look into trying to find some other kids her age to help with social skills. We just laughed about it all day. So, last night Justin buried her in all her toys and this is what we said she looked like when church was over after she had stole all the kids toys!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A Whole New World

(I got busted taking her picture, so now she has to try and come take the camera away from me)

I know you are probably thinking "what in the world is this?" Well, Brynn just figured out that we have a backyard and there is life outside of the house. She sits there and watches the dogs forever! She laughs at them and talks to them in her own little world. She will lay her hand on the glass and when the dogs try to lick at it through the glass she just cracks up. What a wierdo!!!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Hardin-Simmons Homecoming

This weekend was the Hardin-Simmons University's homecoming. We decided to go up there for a little while and see RyAnn and Brock. My poor sheltered child wasn't too fond of all the noise so we ended up leaving before halftime. You could tell Brock's dad is a coach-while Brynn was having a panic attack from all the noise, Brock was fast asleep in his stroller! It was good to see everyone though! It is crazy how much my life has changed in the the three years since I graduated from there. I never could picture myself coming back to a football game with my husband and child. Weird!! Brock is going to be such a hottie!! I don't know if you can tell in the picture or not, but yes she does have his hair done all spikey! I loved it. I wish I could have gotten a picture of Rachel looking VERY beautiful pregnant!! It was overall a great time!

My cousin did her website at www.babyhomepages.net and I have to admit I am a little jealous! I went there and tried to build one but it was kind of complex for me, but very cute!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Crazy Pictures

All of us girls up here at work decided to bring pictures from our childhood to see just how bad each of us dressed. Man the 80's were a bad fashion decade!! Here is a girl I work with going to winter formal in 1988. I especially love the bangs and the teel green!!!

I brought my first grade picture because I swear it is the worst school picture of ALL time! I had gotten my hair cut like Mary Lou Retton, but it was starting to grow out. Then, I wanted to show that I had lost some of my baby teeth (forgetting the fact that my permanent teeth where growing in horribly), and finally I wanted to keep my eyes open for the picture. This is how all of that put together turned out!! (I want everyone to know this took a lot of self esteem on my part to post this publically!!!)

How crazy are those!! Hope it gave everyone a smile today!

Monday, October 10, 2005


Justin was playing with Brynn this weekend in her bouncy. She loves playing with him so much!! We laugh because he is the 'fun' parent and me...not so much. I will do the same things he does and she just looks at me like, "yeah, right!" It is like that movie "Liar, Liar". Justin is Jim Carrey doing 'the claw' and I am the stepdad trying to imitate it!!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A Walking Accident

I swear my husband, Justin, is the most accident-prone person there is on this earth!! If anything bad could possibly happen, it will happen only to him. This weekend he had a little accident and fell-no big deal right? Well, yesterday he went to get it looked at and he has broken the bone that connects his pinkie finger to his wrist!! Are you kidding me? The doctor has referred us to an orthopedic surgeon to consult with on Thursday. On top of all of this, he has started a new job so he is still on the 90 day wait for health insurance...NEAT! I told him he was getting way too expensive and that I was going to sell him to the highest bidder! So, now we are having to adjust to life with one arm. It is amazing how many things have become impossible for him to do (i.e. put deoderant under BOTH arms)! Needless to say, going to see John Heffron is out of the question so HSU homecoming is back on! Pray that everything is okay and we can just cast it without having to do surgery!!!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Relaxing Weekend

Yesterday we bummed around all day watching TV. This was Brynn laid out on the couch in her PJ's (yeah this was at 5:00 in the evening). Doesn't she look like such a little chubby roll!!!! I just love all her little fat rolls!

Friday, September 30, 2005

Six Month Pictures

Here are Brynn's six month pictures. I thought they turned out so cute!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Crawling Adventures

Boy this crawling thing is hard work! Here are some of her new crawling poses! The first one was her ASLEEP! My parents walked in and found her in bed like this. The second one was her playing in the floor. She had somehow wrapped herself up in the blanket and was crawling around the living room like this. The last one was when she crawled under her bouncy and was trying to get into it from the bottom. This girl is into EVERYTHING!! I can barely keep up with her! I can only imagine how bad it is going to be when she starts walking.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


For those of you who do not know, I am a reality show junkie. I love them all. It doesn' t matter if it is Survivor, Real World, Newlyweds, Kathy Griffin, ... I watch all of them. Well, I got into this show awhile back called "The Last Comic Standing." I loved it so much!! It was different comedians competing to be the best. Well the winner was John Heffron (who was my favorite from the very beginning). The other day I was bored up here at work and so I decided to just browse around and I came across his website http://www.johnheffron.com low and behold he is coming to Addison (which isn't too far) in October!!!! I was so excited, so I begged Justin (I think he only agreed because it is the same weekend as my college homecoming so this gives him a reason to not have to go to the homecoming festivities). So, in October we are going to go see him live at the Improv. Yes I know I am a dork, but oh well!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 19, 2005


Here are some pictures from this weekend. The middle one is from the fair last Thursday night, and that was all of Brynn's toys that Papa Steve and daddy won her. She really enjoyed all of the lights and people. The other two are of Brynn eating her carrots. We have just started introducing vegetables and so far so good! I really think she just likes playing with the spoon afterwards. Boy is this crawling stuff hard work! I have to chase her EVERYWHERE! It is amazing how fast they learn where the DVD player is!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Two Big Milestones!

Well, at 5 1/2 months Brynn has made two big accomplishments. First of all, she can now crawl which I was NOT ready for. She is everywhere and into everything. I can only imagine what it is going to be like when she starts walking. I couldn't believe she started this soon, especially since she didn't start rolling over until a month ago. Our second big accomplishment is that we have moved her into her own room! She had been sleeping in the Pack N Play next to our bed, but we decided it was time to introduce her to her beautiful room she had never seen. The first night she fussed for about 20 minutes and now she doesn't even make a wimper (as long as she has her blankie!!) I thought it would be hard on us, but really it has been better. I can't believe she is growing up so fast.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Great-Grandma Sheila

This weekend we went to Waco to see Justin's cousin, Nicole, get married. They had never met Brynn so it was especially fun. We had also never traveled this far out of town with Brynn so that was pretty different. She didn't really know what to think about the hotel and then she rolled off the bed, so she decided she didn't like hotels. She did enjoy seeing her great-grandma Sheila, though. Throughout the weekend we heard so many stories about Justin and his dad that were just hilarious!! The wedding was beautiful, and everyone was so wonderful to us.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Little Girls

Well, yesterday proved to be a very interesting day. Brynn has been very fussy for the last week so I finally broke down and took her to the doctor. He said her and I both had "roaring" sinus infections (talk about making me feel like a bad mother)!! So, we spent the day together just cuddling and napping. It still amazes me that a small child can come into your life and turn it completely around in a matter of seconds. I just found out that my cousin is pregnant. She already has a boy, so I am hoping she has a little girl now (of course I am happy no matter what the gender is)!! I had always wanted all boys, but I guess God had a different plan for me. Now, I can't imagine what I would do without a little girl to play "dress-up" with all the time. As I was holding her yesterday I just realized how much I love her! Sorry for my little 'sappy' moment, but there is nothing like a bond between a mother and her child!!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend we went and saw Pat Green to
celebrate our anniversary. We had SO much fun and I was glad that he played some of his older songs that I loved. There was a huge group of us that went together so that made it all the more fun!!!!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

One Year!

This weekend (September 4) will be our one year anniversary! I can't believe a year has gone by already! Justin is my best friend and I couldn' t be happier, so I decided to highlight our last year with my favorite memories!!

September-Of course our wedding! On our honeymoon we stayed at this very ritzy hotel. It was so funny to see us trying to act rich!!

October-I had never carved a pumpkin before, so we bought one and carved it together for Halloween!

November-Justin got me and iPod for my birthday. It confused me too much so I returned it! Also for my birthday I wanted our Christmas tree up, so we set up our whole house for Christmas on November 14th.

December-This was our first "married" Christmas. I was so excited because I thought I had gotten the PERFECT gifts for Justin, but he snooped around and found them two weeks before Christmas!!! I was SO mad.

January-We wanted to celebrate New Years together, but we were so tired that we were in bed by 10!

February-For his birthday I made a scavenger hunt with clues hidden all over the house leading to his present!

March-The birth of our daughter Brynn. This was the most special moment in our lives and what a bonding experience it was to go through together.

April-The first month of raising a newborn is VERY difficult. It is stressful and very tiring. We grew to help each other and try to support each other through the hard times.

May-For my first Mother's Day, Justin bought be a beautiful ring with Brynn's birthstone in it.

June-We decided to get away for the weekend and drove down to San Antonio. We went to the Riverwalk and this piano bar. The next day, we woke up and went to Schlitterbahn. It was a nice getaway together.

July-We went out of town for my friend Emily's wedding. We stayed at this resort up by Pilot Point. It was a beautiful place. We had this little cottage to ourselves....very romantic.

August-Justin graduated and boy what a relief that was! I am glad he doesn't have to commute to Sweetwater anymore. Also, some of our best friends got married and we were the candlelighters in the ceremony. It was neat to get to do something together.

This was my summary of the last year. It was been interesting adjusting to married life, but I look forward to many more years together!!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Thank God for Nanny

As some of you know, my Nanny has been keeping Brynn during the day for us. It is an absolute blessing to have her here!! Brynn and her have their own little world and they both seem to enjoy each other's company. I don't know what we would have done without her being here. It is so nice to come to work and not have to worry about her. She is sick right now, so I am sure they are at home cuddled up in the recliner!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

My First Post

A friend of mine has introduced me to blogging. It is basically an online journal to let everyone know what all is going on in our lives! I have become obsessed with reading my friend's blog and even a blog from a friend of hers that I don't even know! I will try to update it often (i sometimes start things and don't finish them)! Hope everyone enjoys!